“Not Your Plaything” was founded by me, Amy Lynn Burch, on April 14, 2008 as an extension of my work as a public education entity regarding child-related crimes as well as crimes against women. I set aside my own personal ventures shortly after NYP’s creation to lend my voice to numerous other organizations much to my regret. Although willing to offer my expertise and assistance to other organizations in the past, I now devote my time, skills, and knowledge solely to my own professional pursuits and public awareness entities. With that plainly stated, let me be extraordinarily clear:

I will not be intimidated by anyone who thoughtlessly, arrogantly, and carelessly threatens legal action against me and/or my work particularly after COWARDLY skulking away into parts unknown for months on end without so much as a word to me, leaving me with operational costs and endless investigations with ZERO input and/or direction. I am well within my legal right to continue my work on my own terms and threatening me with the FBI (you canNOT be serious!) is absurd.

NYP’s blog and FB page are about bringing educational knowledge to the general public, challenge to offenders, and justice to the victimized. That is the sole focus!  I do NOT have time for the petty whining and empty threats of any so-called organization that doesn’t even exist on paper, let alone in reality, but only in the mind of a legal wannabe who uses people to his advantage. Possession is 9/10 of the law as you should well know and as full admin with page ownership rights I am well within my legal rights to produce and distribute MY content without your consent. Don’t you dare threaten me and/or my work and expect to get away with it, in every legal sense of the concept.

Anyone who chooses to resort to infantile ragefulled threats of force (however legally weak those threats may be) clearly does not have the interest of abuse victims at heart. The point, may I remind you, is to advocate for the missing, abused, trafficked, and abuse-induced socially outcast.  Additionally, the point is to bring justice to the victims through prosecution of the offenders, or have you forgotten that that is what my work all is about?!  Any self-interested party that wants to play the “mine, mine, mine!!” game with me to the detriment of abuse survivors is going to have one hell of a legal battle on their hands.  It is abundantly apparent that your interest is NOT in seeking justice for the abused through felony convictions of those who perpetrate heinous acts against the innocent.  Your interest is in totality in yourself and in making a name for yourself at the expense of others. I will not be a party to your arrogance, nor will I put the welfare of others at risk in the name of your ego.  I am no shrinking violet. And, oh… by the way,

I am not your plaything!

Amy Lynn Burch

NotYourPlaything (Owner/Advocate)

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