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The risks of compromised evidence in the Steubenville Rape case are very real and the more this nonsense with the so-called #KnightSec faction of Anonymous and those working with them continue with their lynch mob antics the greater the risk for the victim in terms of miscarriage of justice.  Furthermore, the longer this circus-like behavior is allowed to continue the more I think that perhaps that is the specific intention; to ensure that the case can never be properly prosecuted thereby allowing the perpetrators to go free with the victim left dealing with the aftermath for the rest of her life.

The incessant and willfully defiant re-posting of the Nodianos video in which the details of what is believed to be the August sexual assault which are discussed in detail only potentially compromises the evidence and puts it at risk for exclusion at trial.  This video should have been surrendered to police, not paraded around for lusty voyeuristic public consumption as many of whom having seen it appear to be quite entertained by this poor girl’s misfortune.

By broadening the audience from a few who should have seen it, e.g. law enforcement officials beyond the scope of legal tolerance, you have potentially compromised the use of this information within a court of law.  Furthermore, assuming that Nodianos is indeed referencing the video of the August rape, the victim is now in the position of being forced to re-live the crime over and over and over again which puts her at greater risks in terms of recovery.  The victim’s humiliation could have remained private as she began to work through the process toward healing, however; that private privilege has been stripped from her by “well meaning” vigilantes who are more intent on creating chaos at her expense under the guise of “there must be justice” and “lets DO something.” All of this has been done without a plan or any palpable respect for the rule of law and the requirement of due process.

The Steubenville Rape victim will be able to go virtually nowhere in her own town where her victimization isn’t the talk of the town.  As a result, she runs the risk of re-living this trauma repeatedly and likely for a very, very long time while perhaps sidestepping her community. Add to that being removed from the place of her community because the public have been unnecessarily brought in with privilege to hear and see the graphic details of her violent humiliation.

As Joey Ortega with BehindTheYellowTape stated clearly in a recent response to this issue, “In the end all that is accomplished are tweets, posts, etc that are talking about how cool these Anonymous people are for finding and posting and telling others to do the same, building up their self-esteem and dignity while chipping away at hers with each share and repost.”  And that, folks, is the limit of their knowledge regarding this case, how the law functions, and the true effects of their flash-in-the-pan behavior in terms of seeing justice prevail.

The audacity of these so-called Anonymous participants having the nerve to hide behind Guy Fawkes masks (the meaning of which is lost on the majority of them, I can assure you) to protect their own identity while they simultaneously parade the identity of the rape victim around the Internet without any regard for her right to remain anonymous is a slap in the face to victims everywhere!  This behavior at the very least is insulting to the Steubenville Rape victim, in particular.  How dare they decide that their own identity deserves more protection than the victims, a minor who has been victimized in a truly horrible way and is now being victimized over and over and over again thanks to #KnightSec wannabe Anonymous faction and all of the wannabes who have jumped on the bandwagon.  How dare they make that decision for the victim of this heinous crime!

In my opinion, as rule #6 of the “Rules of the Internet” states in regards to Anonymous, “Anonymous can be horrible, senseless, uncaring monster” which in this case appears to be true. This so-called #KnightSec faction – which I am still convinced has little if anything to do with the authentic Anonymous – has clearly lived up to rule number six. They truly are monsters!  Congratulations, opportunistic tricksters; you’ve accomplished nothing.

~Amy Lynn Burch

(…and I am NOT Anonymous)