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Why So Desperate?

KYanonymous threat against Joey Ortega~

The above is a blatant and brazen attack set in motion this morning against Joey Ortega for calling out the Anonymous wannabe KYanonymous for his arrogant self-insertion into the Steubenville Rape case.  The IP address has been redacted for Joey’s protection. I find this absolutely unacceptable and will not be silent while an innocent man is unjustly attacked by a ruthless coward who hides behind an entity that he clearly does not understand as well as behind a Guy Fawkes mask. The damage done by this wannabe-Anonymous and his cohorts in regard to receiving potential justice for the Steubenville Rape case victim is bad enough. However, resorting to calling for an all out assault on the very person who tried to bring justice to this case in the first place is not only pathetically desperate but also potentially felonious in nature. This is inexcusable! One must wonder why on earth the very person that Joey protected at the beginning of the backlash – Alex “Prinnie” Goddard – is sitting silently by and allowing this to happen. Not willing to stand by him in the hailstorm? Curious, indeed…