Today’s post has nothing to do with child abuse, or the mentally disturbed, or sexual behavior, or anything related to my daily work as a private investigator. Today’s post is simply this: life is fragile so don’t waste yours on meaningless pursuits. Why am I waxing philosophic? Because today I have to pick up my daughter from college to take her to a friends funeral.

This young man’s death was not the result of careless partying or driving fast while texting or the result of some ill-fated parkour trick. No. He was merely talking on the phone with his girlfriend and simply dropped dead. At this time, there is no explanation for this abrupt end to an otherwise healthy life. He was so full of potential and it makes no sense that he is no longer with us.

So, I urge you today to remember that we all see an end to this life and none of us knows exactly when, why, or how we will cease to be. You have a choice for today: live so that you are a blessing to those around you; or live so that you will be remembered as a curse upon humanity. It’s entirely up to you the legacy that you leave. For Albert, he was a blessing. RIP~